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State Assembly Results !


Type yLang Sias.

Candidates are listed in the order in which they will appear on the ballot.

Candidates shown in parenthesis chose to collect signatures rather than be selected by the assembly process.

For races where only one candidate is listed that person will bypass the primary election and participate in the General Election.

Secretary of State

Type yTina Peters

       Mike O'Donnell

​       ( Pam Anderson )


US Senate

Type yRon Hanks

​      ( Joe  O'Dea ).

Last Friday and Saturday, Grand County delegates joined with 4600+ delegates from all over Colorado to select candidates for the June 22 2022 Primary Election and/or the November 8 2022 General Election


Type yGreg Lopez

​      Heidi Ganahlhere.

State Attorney General

     John Kellner

State Board of Education -- At Large

     Dan Maloit

State Senate District #8

Type yMatt Solomon.

State House District #13

Type yDavid Buckley